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Are Wedding Videographers Really Expensive?


Your wedding is something that you want to remember forever. It is the event that you will continue to look back on and watch with your significant other. It is no wonder many brides and grooms make such a concerted effort to finding a quality videographer to document their wedding. A wedding video is something that you shouldn’t look to save money on purely to cut costs. After all, it will define how you are able to look back on one of the greatest moments in your life. Below, we will be going over some of the things that can impact how expensive a videographer is.

Some Things That Can Impact How Expensive A Videographer Is To Hire:

1. Experience

One of the main things that will influence how expensive a videographer is to hire is their experience level. The truth is, you will end up spending a lot more if you want someone that has a lot of experience handling weddings. A videographer that specialises in wedding videography is going to cost a lot more because they have a lot of experience to offer. However, that doesn’t mean you should opt for a videographer that is less experienced. After all, the less experience they have, the more likely they might make novice mistakes. Therefore, you need to base your decision off of what you are most comfortable with. Ideally, you want to hire a videographer with sufficient experience handling weddings.

2. Gear

One of the things that makes a wedding videographer so expensive is the gear requirements. Unfortunately, a videographer that handles wedding needs twice the amount of gear as regular videographers. This is primarily because they have to have the specific gear to handle the varying light differences they will have to shoot in. Along with this, they need to have a high-end computer to handle the high amounts of processing they will be doing in regards to video editing. Lastly, they will need a lot of accessible storage because they will be shooting hours of footage and content. Therefore, they need to be able to store it all for editing later on. Depending on the videographer that you are looking at, you might end up having to spend more on videographers that are much better outfitted. Those that have the highest quality gear will likely advertise it accordingly. Along with this, you might get state of the art gear included such as 4K drone videography and more. Therefore, you can expect to pay more for videographers that have access to the highest quality gear.

3. Time

Another reason it is so expensive and something that can change the cost of hiring one is the time that they spend on the event and the post-production process. A wedding videographer is going to end up spending a lot more time not only shooting the event itself but also on the editing portion of the process. You are generally going to be spending money on the package they offer. A lot of videographers will offer different packages that include a set number of hours. Therefore, you will choose how long you want the videographers to shoot content from your wedding. Along with this, you will choose how long in duration you want the wedding video to be. Therefore, it can dictate how much you end up spending on the videographer because the longer you request them to shoot and the longer the wedding video, the more work has to be done. Thus, time is going to be an integral factor in determining how much you end up spending.

4. Location

Another major factor that is going to dictate the total cost they end up charging has to do with the location you are in. Typically, a videographer is going to charge competitively based on their location. Therefore, if you are in a location that has a high cost of living, you will likely expect to pay more. Whereas, if you are in a location that has a lot of competition in videography and a low cost of living, you might be able to get away with spending less even for more experienced videographers. Thus, location plays a big role when you are trying to budget for your wedding.

5. Reputation

Another thing that is going to dictate the total cost you end up spending on your videography for your wedding would be the videographer’s reputation. Obviously, the better the videographers reputation, the more likely they are going to be in high demand. Thus, the better the reviews they have, the more likely you will need to spend more money to book them. After all, they will have a lot of demand and in order to pry them from others, you will likely need to outbid their other offers.

6. Travel

Another thing that you will need to consider when you are hiring one is whether or not they are forced to travel a far distance to get to your wedding venue. The more they have to travel, the more they are going to charge for their service. After all, you are taking more time and it will be an inconvenience for the videographer. Therefore, they will likely include the travel cost and the time that it takes into the equation when they are providing you with a quote for the cost of offering videography for a particular wedding.

Overall, there are plenty of different things to consider when it comes to hiring a videographer. The price you end up paying for a videographer will vary considerably based on a variety of factors. Not only will the individual experience of the videographer determine the price they charge for their services, but various other factors will come into play, as well. Therefore, you want to figure out what you deem most important when deciding on which one to hire. By knowing the various factors that can influence the price they charge, you should be able to make a much more well-informed decision when hiring one.

Why A Professional Photographer Is Worth The Money

If you’re planning a big event that will require a photographer, chances are you’ve already spent a considerable amount of money. The last thing you need is additional expenses and paying someone to take photos can be just that.

Chances are one or more of your friends who have volunteered their services as amateur photographers and this can be tempting. While they might have a professional camera, will they have the rest of the knowledge?

There is nothing more disappointing than average photos and choosing to cut corners might well just result in that.


Professional photographers will have had both education and training in the art of photography. They will be comfortable using different forms of equipment and know how to get the best results.

Just a quick adjustment will mean the perfect exposure or framing. This is a must for busy events like a wedding.

There will only be a couple of seconds to capture the shot before the subjects want to go back to whatever they were doing. Being able to get a good shot quickly is something a professional is trained at doing.

Well-lit Photos

Lighting is a difficult beast to master both in a studio and outside. There are changes in the weather, moving subjects and different locations to tackle and you need someone who can master them all.

Even though modern cameras are fairly good on auto and will pick the setting they think is correct – this can always be improved on. A professional photographer won’t take any chances and will choose the setting themselves.

This will save you from dimly lit photos that don’t excite anyone. Get the best results and let a professional do the work.


When you pay for a photographer, you are paying for the experience and there is no greater asset for creative work. Despite being talented – your friend who takes nice photos might not know how to get the best out of an event.

As well as taking the photos, a photographer is also expected to do the rounds and orchestrate the perfect shot. They can see a good photo a mile away and know what angles work.

When you are taking photos of people, you need to make sure they like the outcome. Even if a photo is technically perfect, if the framing has made someone look bigger than usual, it is guaranteed they will hate that photo.

You need someone who can guide people confidently and calmly then move on. The less a photographer can interrupt the guest, the better.


With a professional, you can be certain that they will finish the job properly. Instead of taking hundreds of photos and leaving you to sift through them – they will create an album.

These photos will be edited and retouched when necessary for the perfect lasting memory that will now also be backed up!

Benefit Of Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Your special day is one you want to remember forever, but for the right reasons. It is a juggling-game of different elements that all need to be executed perfectly.

It can be tempting to get a cheap photographer in an attempt to save costs, but that can be a risky choice. This is the one chance to take these photos and you want to be certain they come out well!

Wealth Of Experience

When you pay for a photographer, you are hiring their time, commitment, and training. They will have the equipment, experience and a portfolio you can look over.

This will be your chance to pick someone who has a good eye for detail and knows how to photograph people. Even if a photographer is technically perfect, they may not be able to capture your guests in a way they find flattering.

This means the result won’t be worth the effort the photographer has gone to.

Lasting Memory

When the event is over, all you will be left with is photographs. These are memories you get to treasure for the rest of your life and you need them to look good.

It is also great to have a photographer for the event as they will have backed up the images. This means if the worst happens in the future, you know they won’t be gone forever.

Attention To Detail

A professional photographer will be able to pick up on the little details that make the perfect shot. You won’t have to babysit them as this is their profession and they will already be trying to get the perfect shot.

Little details like hair, poses, decorations will all be taken into consideration before the photo is taken. They will be a personal assistant running around the event trying to capture it perfectly.

No-one Is Stuck Taking Photos

If you hire a friend or a family member, not only will they be taking photos, but also trying to enjoy the event. There’s nothing worse than a drunk photographer and weddings are the place to let loose.

By hiring a professional, they will not be trying to party, but get the best outcome. You know that this is their business and they won’t jeopardize it on a few tequila shots.

They will party another time and leave all your loved ones to enjoy the special day.

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