Why A Professional Photographer Is Worth The Money

If you’re planning a big event that will require a photographer, chances are you’ve already spent a considerable amount of money. The last thing you need is additional expenses and paying someone to take photos can be just that.

Chances are one or more of your friends who have volunteered their services as amateur photographers and this can be tempting. While they might have a professional camera, will they have the rest of the knowledge?

There is nothing more disappointing than average photos and choosing to cut corners might well just result in that.


Professional photographers will have had both education and training in the art of photography. They will be comfortable using different forms of equipment and know how to get the best results.

Just a quick adjustment will mean the perfect exposure or framing. This is a must for busy events like a wedding.

There will only be a couple of seconds to capture the shot before the subjects want to go back to whatever they were doing. Being able to get a good shot quickly is something a professional is trained at doing.

Well-lit Photos

Lighting is a difficult beast to master both in a studio and outside. There are changes in the weather, moving subjects and different locations to tackle and you need someone who can master them all.

Even though modern cameras are fairly good on auto and will pick the setting they think is correct – this can always be improved on. A professional photographer won’t take any chances and will choose the setting themselves.

This will save you from dimly lit photos that don’t excite anyone. Get the best results and let a professional do the work.


When you pay for a photographer, you are paying for the experience and there is no greater asset for creative work. Despite being talented – your friend who takes nice photos might not know how to get the best out of an event.

As well as taking the photos, a photographer is also expected to do the rounds and orchestrate the perfect shot. They can see a good photo a mile away and know what angles work.

When you are taking photos of people, you need to make sure they like the outcome. Even if a photo is technically perfect, if the framing has made someone look bigger than usual, it is guaranteed they will hate that photo.

You need someone who can guide people confidently and calmly then move on. The less a photographer can interrupt the guest, the better.


With a professional, you can be certain that they will finish the job properly. Instead of taking hundreds of photos and leaving you to sift through them – they will create an album.

These photos will be edited and retouched when necessary for the perfect lasting memory that will now also be backed up!